Tree Service

From pruning to preventative storm damage to tree climbing, we are able to complete any size project for both residential and commercial clients.


Cutting & Removal, tree climbing, chipping, pruning services, stump grinding, and more!

Our Advantage

  • Our farm heritage has provided our team with a knowledge and understanding of land use, horticulture and sustainable practices propelling our landscaping services to the next level.
  • Our diverse menu of services provides our customers with the opportunity to use only one contractor versus many.
  • Our proposals are straight forward and transparent, providing clarity and peace of mind.
  • We employ a highly experienced staff of landscapers and consultants, offering industry leading design and implementation from start to finish.
  • We support the latest innovative techniques in landscaping, including green solutions.
  • Through our knowhow we accomplish the highest level of project efficiency possible to develop creative landscape solutions that exceed client expectations.
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"When my house was threatened by a large aging tree, Greeley farms came to the rescue. Their minimally invasive precision tree removal service kept my house safe through the duration of the removal. Within a matter of hours my yard was spotless, with no trace of the tree except for several cords of freshly stacked and split firewood!"

~   Patrick Hayden